U NO HU - Gary Williams & Philip Barber - welcome you to the only place in the world where you can buy our music... We are self-published which allows us to sell our ALBUMS at incredibly LOW prices..... Love & Peace..... U NO HU


U NO HU - Faith, Love & Hope

Someone dropped a bomb,
A million people dead,
A bomb that was devised
Inside of someone's head...
Another war has started,
As you listen to this tale,
Will they still be here tomorrow,
If we kill another whale?
A continent is dying,
Underneath a burning sun,
Another life is over
From the bullet of a gun!
As we flush the sea away,
Without a single care,
The ocean has to suffer,
Which truly isn't fair.
A queen sits on a throne,
A Pauper on a box,
Why do people cheer
When they rip apart a fox?
Another child is born,
Another mouth to feed...
Is there enough food
In a world so full of greed?
But still it comes each morning,
A day for us to live,
A time for us to take no more,
A chance for us to give.
The future is still pending,
How will we ever cope?
The answer is quite simple,
It's with Faith, Love and Hope.